'North and South': This Is Lesley-Anne Down Today

Lesley-Anne Down: This is the North and South star today!
May 5, 2021 - 18:30 / Administrator User

The TV mini-series North and South gained a massive following during the mid-eighties. The series catapulted many of the main cast members to new heights of fame in the entertainment business, including Lesley-Anne Down. Decades have passed since North and South finished and so we were curious what the beautiful brunette is up to today...

The iconic mini-series North and South was filmed in the mid-eighties and many of the main cast members became household names overnight. Patrick Swayze (†57) became an international star playing "Orry Main", but Swayze was not the only one to receive all the glory. Lesley-Anne Down (67) was also able to make a name for herself due to North and South's success.

Lesley-Anne Down as "Madeline Fabray" in North and South.

Lesley-Anne Down's life After North and South

Before her breakthrough role as "Madeline Fabray", Down starred in a variety of movies such as Hanover Street and The Pink Panther. After North and South finished, Down remained a TV favorite and went on to play "Stephanie Rogers" in the series Dallas.

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On top of that, Down scored the leading role in the popular soap The Bold and the Beautiful, playing "Jacqueline Payne Marone" from 2003 to 2012.

Lesley-Anne Down, pictured in 2018.

Lesley-Anne Down: "Madeline Fabray" today

And Down has no intention of retiring just yet, recently appearing in the films I am watching You and Of God and Kings. In 2017, she was cast in supporting roles in various films, including Gate of Darkness and Justice. Her latest movie credits were in the 2018 film Alex & The List and the 2019 film Gates of Darkness. She currently has three films in post-production as well!

Lesley-Anne Down has not always had it easy when it comes to romance. After filing for divorce twice between 1980 and 1985, she married director and cameraman Don E. FauntLeRoy in 1985. Even at sixty-seven, she hasn't lost her sparkle!

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