Actress Natasha Richardson tragically died after suffering a head injury while skiing in Canada in 2009. Since then, her husband actor Liam Neeson has been raising their two sons alone. By now, Micheál is 25 and Daniel is 23 and Micheál has been following in his parents' footsteps by now taking the acting world by storm.

Micheál Richardson legally changed his last name from Neeson two years ago to honour his late mother and now has opened up in a new interview to Vanity Fair about how he's been trying to cope with her death when he was just 13 years old.

Micheál Richardson "cant' comprehend" his mother's death

"I think the pain was a little too overwhelming. I think the mind is very powerful, and subconsciously, or unconsciously, it can protect you. That’s what it did when she passed. I just pushed it aside and didn’t want to deal with it," he shared. 

"I don’t, even still, think that I’ve fully comprehended it, and that seems to be a similar journey to a lot of people I’ve spoken to. Fifty-year-olds who lost their parents when they were 12, 13…One day they’re out gardening, and something comes over them and they just break down," Micheál added.


When discussing his favourite film of his mother's, he surprisingly said that it's The Parent Trap, "based off of who she is and how I remember her," he said. "She was this sweet, amazing mother figure—my best friend. She had these amazing, big welcomes when we’d come home or she would come home. ‘Darling!’," he continued before noting how lucky he is to have her captured on film. 

Micheál Richardson and Liam Neeson star in Made in Italy

Both Micheál and his father Liam Neeson are set to star in the new film Made in Italy which mirrors their own experiences with loss. The film tells the story of a father and son who are still grieving the death of a wife a mother and end up in Italy to sell the family holiday home. It is sure to be an incredible, emotional movie. Check out the trailer for the film, released this year below.