• Guy Fieri is a famous television personality
  • He is best known for The Food Network
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Guy Fieri was born on January 22nd, 1968 in Columbus, Ohio. He grew up in a very rural area and during high school, he participated in an international exchange where he got to study in France and that is where he discovered his interest in food and cooking. His grandfather was of Italian descent and so he decided to change his surname back to his grandfather's original Italian name of "Fieri" when he got married in 1995.

Guy Fieri: Life Before Fame

After Guy's return from France, he began working at the restaurant at the Red Lion Inn in Eureka, California until he moved to Las Vegas to go to college. Fieri attended the University of Nevada and earned a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management in 1990.

After graduation, he worked for Stouffer's as a manager of a Long Beach restaurant called Parker's Lighthouse. After three years there, he became the district manager of Louise's Trattoria, managing six locations and training and recruiting all the staff.

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Guy Fieri's Restaurants   

In 1996, Fieri, together with his business partner Steve Gruber, opened Johnny Garlic's which was a "California Pasta Grill" in Santa Rosa, California. More locations opened and in 2003, they developed Tex Wasabi's barbecue and sushi place. Guy's first New York City restaurant opened in 2012 called Guy's American Kitchen and Bar. In 2014, Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar opened in Las Vegas. 

Guy Fieri prepares food using Santo Puro Mezquila at the Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar booth on May 10, 2019

Guy Fieri's television career

Apart from opening many successful restaurants, Fieri has also had his fare share of television appearances. He won the second season of The Next Food Network Star in 2006 and got rewarded a 6-episode show called Guy's Big Bite. Among some of his other series are, Diner, Drive-Ins and Drives (2007-Present), Dear Food Network (2007-2009), Ultimate Recipe Showdown (2008-2010), The Best Thing I Ever Ate (2009-2011), Minute to Win it (2010-2011), Guy's Grocery Games (2013-Present), Super Southern Eats (2017) and many more. 

Fun Facts About Guy Fieri:

  • In 2011 he partnered with Carnival Cruise Lines to create Guy's Burger Joint
  • Guy found a home on The Food Network, having starred or appeared in countless different programs and still is today
  • Guy has been married to Lori Fieri since 1995 after they met in a restaurant he was managing
  • They have two boys, Hunter and Ryder
  • The Fieri family lives in Santa Rosa, California still today
  • Guy Fieri collects classic American cars and has quite an impressive collection
  • He has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame