Linda Kozlowski und Paul Hogan fell in love on set.

Paul Hogan's ex-wife has changed dramatically...!

'Crocodile Dundee': What Is Linda Kozlowski Doing Today?

We all have to admit that Paul Hogan as "Michael J. 'Crocodile' Dundee" in the 1986 action comedy film Crocodile Dundee has been one of the greatest performances of all time. The 80-year-old Australian actor, comedian, writer and television personality has been active in the show business since the early 1970's and his amazing acting skills earned him an Academy Award nomination, as well as a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. But what about his personal life?

Hogan married to his first wife Noelene Edwards in 1958, divorced in 1981, remarried less than one year later and finally divorced again in 1986; together they had five children, Paul, Lauren, Brett, Clay, and Todd. But it seems that a couple of years later the Sydney native found love again! In 1990 he married to his Crocodile Dundee co-star Linda Kozlowski, who is also known for the 1993 film The Neighbor. Paul and Linda, who met on the set of the movie where they simply fell in love, were together for 14 years - in 2014 they divorced citing irreconcilable differences, but together they have a son named Chance.

This is what we know about Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan's son Chance

Chance Hogan was born in 1998 in Australia. After his parents separated in 2014, Chance decided to live with his father, dismissing rumours that Paul Hogan's busy lifestyle  would not allow him to raise her son properly. His mother, Linda Kozlowski once revealed that Chance decided to live with Hogan due to the fact that his house had a “teen hangout room.” 

Chance Hogan discovered his passion for music while growing up, which is why he eventually formed a punk band named Rowdy P with other three members: William Deza (guitar and bass,) and Nick Friedman (drums and bass;) Chance is the lead singer and songwriter of the band, which is predominantly active in Los Angeles. In August 2018 they released their debut album Dirge, and Chance frequently gives Instagram updates in his personal account, as well as in the Rowdy P account. 

Linda Kozlowski und Paul Hogan fell in love on set.

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