• Patrick Swayze was married to wife Lisa Niemi
  • She was widowed when Swayze died in 2009
  • Did Lisa Niemi ever remarry a new husband?

For decades, Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi were one of the best couples in Hollywood. The two were in each other's lives since their teens, and their marriage lasted a strong 34 years.

However, Dirty Dancing legend Patrick Swayze died in 2009. He had pancreatic cancer and sadly passed at just 57. It took several years, but Lisa Niemi did eventually remarry.

After Patrick Swayze: Lisa Niemi married a new husband

The death of Patrick Swayze left a void in the hearts of so many. But Lisa Niemi, 65, was eventually able to find love again.

In 2012, she began dating Albert DePrisco, a jeweller she met through mutual friends, according to People magazine. The couple announced their engagement the next year and were married in May of 2014, and they're still together today.

Lisa Niemi today

Albert DePrisco is the President of A.M. DePrisco Jewelers in Massachusetts, though he and Lisa Niemi own multiple homes around the US. At any given time, they could be living in Florida, California, New Mexico, or the home state of Albert's jewelry business.

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Lisa Niemi and husband Albert DePrisco today

Lisa Niemi and Albert DePrisco are still happily married now. In a recent interview, Niemi revealed that her husband even surprises her with pieces from his shop every now and then.

"He's sentimental and is always bringing something home," she told Sheridan Road magazine. "He sees things and puts them aside," Niemi added, but she said her 5-carat diamond engagement ring is her absolute favourite. The benefits of marrying a jeweller!

Despite the remarriage, Lisa Niemi keeps Patrick Swayze close to her heart today. She works with causes that support pancreatic cancer research. She also wrote several memoirs and produced a documentary about her late husband.

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