• Jason Bateman started his career on Little House on the Prairie
  • He remembers his role model Michael Landon fondly
  • Here's what Jason Bateman thinks of "Charles Ingalls"

In an interview, Bateman recalled his times with Michael Landon and reveals that the actor was a big role model for him. Jason Bateman (53) is now one of the most famous actors in Hollywood himself. But he also started out small. He recalls his breakthrough with the television classic Little House on the Prairie.

Michael Landon was "like a father figure" to Bateman

Jason Bateman rose to fame with the show and Landon's mentorship was a big help to the young actor. "Michael Landon was a huge influence on me in the way he ran the set as a director, as an executive producer, as a writer and as something of a father figure to me", the actor tells Variety magazine.

Also interesting:

Jason Bateman describes the atmosphere on set as very "warm" and "family“ to children. In fact, Michael Landon's children also starred in Little House on the Prairie. The cast felt like a second family to Jason Bateman and it's hard to imagine a more incredible place to work on than on the set of the Classic television series.

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