• Melissa Gilbert is sick with the Coronavirus
  • First update on health status
  • See what she said here

Melissa Gilbert (59) is Covid-positive and gives her first health update on Instagram. The 'Little House on the Prairie' star posted a picture on Instagram on Sunday showing her in bed with her dog.

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Melissa Gilbert feels "pretty awful"

The 59-year-old wrote in the caption of her post: "Still feeling pretty awful and I’ve completely lost my voice but I expect to be feeling better tomorrow…I hope."

One day later, she reported to her fans via video message. She felt a little better on the fourth day of her Covid illness. In addition, the "Laura Ingalls" actress thanked her fans for the recovery wishes.

On Saturday, Gilbert posted a picture of what appeared to be a positive self-test online, the 59-year-old is pregnant. However, with the hashtag #IHaveCovid, Melissa Gilbert clarified to her fans that the test was only a Coronavirus test.

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