• 'The Little House on the Prairie' was a popular series
  • "Mr. Edwards" was played by actor Victor French
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We were introduced to "the wildcat from Tenessee", "Isaiah Edwards" during an "Ingalls family" stay in Independence, Kansas. "Isaiah Edwards" or "Mr. Edwards" as he was fondly called by the "Ingalls' children" would become a staple of the family. 

"Mr. Edwards", while a poorly educated dirt farmer himself, would become known for his generosity towards the "Ingalls family". Helping the family to build their new home on the prairie, "Mr. Edwards" and "Charles Ingalls" become fast friends. Ironically, the real-life "Mr. Edwards" and actor and creator Michael Landon were also best buds! 

Victor French as "Mr.Edwards" with Little House on the Prairie co-stars Melissa Gilbert and Dean Butler

Victor French as "Mr. Edwards" 

So who was the man behind the iconic "Mr. Edwards"? None other than American actor and director Victor French! Victor French began his career as a stuntman in Westerns, appearing in numerous popular series including 'Gunsmoke', 'The Virginian', and 'Bonanza'. 

Victor French would meet his 'Little House on the Prairie' co-star Michael Landon while on the set of 'Bonanza'. The two would quickly become inseparable and when Landon went on to create 'Little House on the Prairie', casting Victor French as his on-screen best friend "Mr. Edwards" cemented their friendship! 

Victor French's Legacy

Not only would Victor French star in 'Little House on the Prairie', but he would also help to occasionally write some of the episodes! In addition to appearing in all nine seasons of the series, Victor French would also become well-known for his appearances in other Westerns including 'Carter Country' and 'Highway to Heaven'.

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Sadly, after a three-month battle with lung cancer, Victor French would pass away in 1989 at the young age of 54. Strangely enough, his best friend Michael Landon would also pass away at the age of 54 two years later!

While the Western genre lost a true legend way too soon, Victor French's contributions to Westerns will live on forever, and he has since been inducted into the Great Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum!