Melissa Francis's first acting role would come at just six months old when she starred in a Johnson & Johnson shampoo commercial! Other early roles included "Linda Wabash" on NBC sitcom Joe's World and numerous TV films. 

When Melissa, or "Missy" as she was called as a child, was just nine years old she would land the role that would change her life forever- "Cassandra Cooper Ingalls" on hit Western drama Little House on the Prairie.

Jason Bateman, Michael Landon, and Melissa "Missy" Francis on the set of Little House on the Prairie

Melissa Francis as "Cassandra Cooper Ingalls"

Melissa Francis would star as "Cassandra Cooper Ingalls" for two seasons of the show from 1981-1982. After "Cassandra's" parents die in a fatal wagon crash, the "Ingall's" family agrees to adopt "Cassandra" and her older brother "James" (played by Jason Bateman). 

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After her time on Little House on the Prairie, Melissa went on to continue her childhood success with films including 1983's Man, Woman, Child and a main role on TV series Morningstar/ Eveningstar

Drew Bledsoe Visits FOX Business Network With Melissa Francis

Melissa Francis Today

While Melissa has since thrown in her childhood acting shoes, she continues to be a star on the screen today as a successful journalist and newscaster! After graduating from Harvard with a degree in economics, Melissa has reported for a number of news channels including CNBC and CNET.

Most recently, you may recognize Melissa as an anchor for Fox News. In addition to her impressive resume, Melissa has also authored two books: Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter: A Memoir and Lessons from the Prairie. When she's not busy delivering the news she enjoys spending time with her husband of 21 years, college sweetheart Wray Thorn and their three children.