• Luis Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso during World Cup celebrations
  • Many have called for him to quit
  • THIS is his position

Luis Rubiales refuses to step down after kissing Jennifer Hermoso. On August 24, FIFA's disciplinary committee announced proceedings against Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish FA (RFEF). The announcement followed Rubiales' unsolicited kiss on Women's World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso's lips.

Rubiales is living a nightmare

The incident sparked outrage and prompted Hermoso to say that such acts should "never go unpunished." It all went down as Rubiales was presenting the team with their medals after beating England 1-0 in the final. What about the game's governing body? This what FIFA had to say:

Also interesting:

"The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has informed Rubiales that it is opening disciplinary proceedings against him based on the events that occurred during the final," they said via a statement to ESPN. "The FIFA Disciplinary Committee will only provide further information on these disciplinary proceedings once it has issued a final decision on the matter [...]"

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