The 19-year-old Sophie Perry actually posted a series of pictures in honor of both, her brother's birthday and the first Father's Day without her late father.

She stated in her post: "I know this is comin at u a day late but Malawian internet really didn’t want to help me out so… it is Father’s Day, and dad I miss and love you dearly..."

Luke Perry's daughter Sophie Perry: "I miss and love you dearly..."

“But today is a special day for another reason,” she continues in the caption. “To the brother that blows all others out of the water. To the mentor who taught me to be brave. To the boy who I wrestled with on the trampoline. To the man who is everything I ever wanted to be. Happy birthday, you beautiful beaver boy. I wish I could be with you, now more than ever. But I’ll be there soon enough, to watch you kick major ass and have all your dreams, all the dreams I had for you, come true. Watch out though, I’ve been practicing my Canadian Destroyer…”

Perry passed away in March after suffering a stroke and is dearly missed by his former Beverly Hills, 90210 co-stars. We love how much Luke Perry's kids honor their father and hope he can rest in peace...

Luke Perry

R.I.P. Luke Perry. You will forever be missed...

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