• Shakira is a Colombian singer and superstar
  • She is currently in trouble with authorities
  • THIS is why she could face some jail time

Shakira in jail? It sounds like the plot of a new movie about to come out. But it could be happening in real life soon if the authorities have their way. What exactly did she do? Here's the skinny! The singer has been slammed with her second tax fraud inquiry after being accused of skipping out on her civic tax duties and could be sentenced to up to eight years in jail! Shakira had been living in Spain with her ex, soccer star Gerard Pique.

Could Shakira be going to the big house?

The Colombian bombshell is facing a second government probe into her taxes after a Spanish judge agreed to allow state prosecutors to investigate two potential cases of tax fraud involving Shakira, going all the way back to 2018. The court shared they had no information on the monetary sum being investigated in this case.

Shakira In Concert - New York City

And it's not the first time she is this kind of hot water with Spanish authorities. Shakira is currently awaiting trial for failing to pay the Spanish government 14.5 million Euros ($15 million) in taxes between 2012 and 2014.

Also interesting:

She was offered a settlement agreement in that case, but rejected it, opting for a trial instead. A date has yet to be set for that case, although prosecutors in Spain are requesting Shakira be sentenced to eight years and two months in prison and pay a fine of 24 million Euros!

Her public relations firm said in a statement that she had "always acted in concordance with the law and on the advice of her financial advisers," and "is now focused on her artistic career in Miami." Shakira is said to be confident she can curtail these allegations...