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Vincent Kartheiser played the motivated but arrogant character, "Pete Campbell" in the drama Mad Men for seven years. While we do miss his eccentric personality in that series, he's still on air in all new dramas...

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This is "Pete Campbell" from Mad Men today

Since the ending of the show, Vincent has had many recurring roles in series like Saints & Strangers, Casual and Genius. His most recent work has been on the Fox legal drama, Proven Innocent, as well as a couple appearances on Law & Order: SVU.

Kartheiser has also made a name for himself across the pond! In 2018, he made his debut in German TV for the show Das Boot, based off of the original 1981 film. And speaking of film, the former Mad Men star doesn't limit himself to only the television world. Just last year, Vincent appeared in the movie, Crypto, in which his wife (and also Mad Men colleague) Alexis Bledel starred opposite of him in the 2019 crime thriller. 

The couple have been married since 2014 and wed in California. They introduced a son together in 2015. Fun fact: they met on set of Mad Men! While they choose to remain pretty private about their personal life, we do wish the couple the best!

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