• Singer Madonna posts a confusing video
  • In it, she seems to describe herself as gay
  • Is this her coming out?

Is she a lesbian? A new video of the pop icon Madonna confuses her fans tremendously. What exactly happened? Madonna posted a TikTok video in which she appears to be trying to throw a pair of panties into a wastebasket.

"If I miss, I'm gay," reads the caption. She clearly misses the bin and then just casually shrugs her shoulders.

Is the singer coming out in her mid-60s? Or is the whole thing just a clever media stunt?

Madonna: Coming out on TikTok?

In any case, the clip has generated a lot of controversy and discussion. The video received numerous comments, such as:

"Did I just see Madonna come out of the closet? Good for her."

"Your PR team is freaking out right now."

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