• Anthony Ciccone died on Feb. 25, 2023
  • He was the older brother of singer Madonna
  • Madonna now shared a message after the tragic news

Anthony Ciccone, the older brother of Madonna, passed away a few days ago.

His death was confirmed by his brother-in-law. Ciccone was 66 years old. Now Madonna herself is speaking out on Instagram about the tragic loss.

Madonna remembers good times with her brother Anthony

In her Instagram story, she posted a group photo in which she's seen with Anthony, among others.

The picture was taken several decades ago and shows the siblings in a happy moment. "Thank you for blowing my mind as a young girl," she writes in memory of her brother.

In the past, Anthony introduced Madonna to various artists, Buddhism, and "expansive thinking," she adds.

Also interesting:

He seems to have been a great role model for Madonna. "You planted many important seeds," she says.

With that in mind, it is all the more tragic that the siblings had feuded for several years. Ciccone even took a public shot at his little sister.

However, he is said to have made up with his family again before his death...

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