• Sophia Loren had a big fall
  • She had to get surgery
  • This is how she is doing now

Sophia Loren (89) has had a bad accident and had to undergo surgery. The iconic actress had a bad fall.

A legend:

This is how Sophia Loren is doing in the meantime

Loren broke her hip during her fall. The Italian 'La Repubblica' reports that the accident happened at her home in Geneva. Actually, Loren would have had an important event ahead of her on September 26, 2023.

She was planning to open a new restaurant in the chain 'Sophia Loren' in Bari. A spokesperson revealed that the surgery "went well and now she needs to rest and everything will be resolved," according to 'Reuters'. 

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Sophia Loren is currently in her recovery phase. Fortunately, she can rely on her sons Edoardo (50) and Carlo (54). They are standing by their mother during this hard time.