This is what she looked like at just fourteen!

Marilyn Monroe: The Blonde Bombshell As A Teenager

Marilyn Monroe as a teenager - being just 14 years old.

Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe went down in history as one of the greatest sex symbols of all time! However, Marilyn looked very different before she had her big breakthrough. In fact, her look was so far removed from the blonde bombshell she would become that many fans would struggle to recognize the mousy-haired teenager.  

Who doesn't have teenage photos they'd like to hide away from everyone for all eternity? Marilyn Monroe (†36) is no different, she certainly didn't always look as sexy as she did in her heyday. Marilyn started out life as Norma Jean, with bland, brown hair and a completely inconspicuous face. She certainly changed a lot over the years!

Marilyn Monroe: From schoolgirl to sex symbol

Looks are everything in Hollywood and Marilyn learned this important lesson early on in her career. As a teenager, Marilyn had reddish brown, curly hair. She didn't wear makeup either. Marilyn was around fourteen when the photo below was taken.

Marilyn Monroe in 1941.

Marilyn Monroe had her first photo shoot at 18

She was photographed for the first time when she was eighteen, pretending to be a factory worker.  These photos were the catalyst for her career as a pin-up girl.

The more famous she became, the more she changed her appearance. Marilyn Monroe had her teeth straightened and her hair bleached. The cult blonde is also rumoured to have undergone several plastic surgery procedures.

Marilyn did not only change her appearance though. Just two years after she was first discovered, she changed her name from Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe.