• Martha Stewart has been criticised online
  • Her redecoration on Insta has drawn the haters
  • THIS is her reaction to it

In an unexpected twist of events, Martha Stewart hass taken to Instagram to defend the makeover of her Maine vacation home's living room after facing a wave of "harish" criticism from her followers. The lifestyle guru, known for her impeccable taste and eye for detail, was taken aback by the negative feedback on her recent home improvement project.

A Quick Fix with Big Impact

Stewart shared that the revamp, which took a mere "three hours" with the help of her "Maine helpers," was not intended to be a professional decorator's job but a swift and efficient change. "We were pleased that the pieces actually fit the room and were proportionate to the large size of the space," Stewart explained.

"Making a house a home — or a room a beautiful livable space — takes a lot more than three hours," her post continued. "Of course, there will be color, plants, mirrors, a new rug or two and other art and objects Stay tuned!!!! And by the way, the birds are chromo lithographs by Carroll Tyson known as the ‘6 Audubon of Maine’ — so beautiful!"

Despite the backlash, she remains proud of the transformation, hinting at more updates to come.

The room now boasts 11 large bird drawings by Carroll Tyson, known as the '6 Audubon of Maine', surrounding a cozy brick fireplace, with cream-colored chairs and couches adding to the charm. Stewart's quick fix has certainly sparked conversation, but she assures there's more in store for her beloved Skylands home.

Purchased in 1997, Skylands, originally built for Edsel Ford in 1925, is a testament to Stewart's love for preserving historical charm. With 12 bedrooms and a pink granite driveway, the estate was sold with nearly everything included, from linens to the Fords' silver and glassware.

Stewart views herself as "the caretaker of an American treasure," a role she takes seriously amidst the evolving design of her home.

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