• Eka Darville loses his son
  • The child of the actor died at ten years old
  • He succumbed to a tumor

This news is undeniably heart-wrenching for any parent to bear. Eka Darville, at the age of 32, mourns the loss of his son, a courageous young warrior who tragically succumbed to a brain tumor, living just ten short years.

Sad news:

Eka Darville mourns the death of his son Mana

In the past year, young Mana received the devastating diagnosis of a brain tumor. Throughout that time, he demonstrated remarkable resilience in his battle against this insidious illness. Despite his unwavering efforts and the hopes of many, he ultimately lost his fight against cancer. This heartbreaking turn of events has deeply affected 'Jessica Jones' star Eka Darville and his family.

The sorrowful news of Mana's passing was shared by his grandmother on an Instagram page dedicated to the young boy. In a touching video message, she expressed:

"You can imagine the amount of sadness and grief of Eka, Lila and Lila’s parents, his grandparents, myself, his little brothers." Darville thanked for the sympathy and assured that Mana "he’s still always gonna be with us".

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And further: "There's a lot of stillness in the house after such a long struggle for 463 days since the whole ordeal began. And now he's free. Now he's dancing in the light. We all see it, we feel it and I know that many of you, like myself, loved Mana eternally."

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Eka Darville gained recognition as an actor in the Marvel universe. His notable roles include a four-year stint in Marvel's 'Jessica Jones,' and he also featured in 'Power Ranger R.P.M.'