Step aside all mother-daughter duos in Hollywood: Maude Apatow and Leslie Mann have taken the crown for the sweetest yet!

The two actresses shared an adorable moment together this week and took advantage of the empty street to go skating! Stepping out on retro roller-blades, the two looked thick as thieves!

Mother-daughter duo goes skating!

Alongside some vintage tunes, the mother-daughter team is pairing up and skating in an empty parking lot. The #FamilyGoals moment was captured on Instagram, and both Maude Apatow and Leslie Mann are gushing over their lovely day.

Leslie Mann and Maude Apatow attend the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

The bonding moment shared on Apatow's Instagram included a caption praising her mother for her retro skating skills.

"My mom is a lot better at roller skating than I am," Apatow captioned her video.

While looking stylish in some mom jeans and summer tops, the pair skated in an empty parking lot to Stevie Nicks' dreamy vocals in the 70s hit, "Dreams."

Mann also shared a video to her Instagram but included a less elegant feature - her director husband, Judd Apatow.

The video featured Judd hilariously on foot, running on the pavement while his wife and daughter spin circles with the same background music. 

Mann has spoken about her bond with her two daughters, 20-year-old Maude, and 15-year-old Iris, and how she has spent her time teaching them the importance of kindness.

In an interview with People back in May, Mann shared, "I have this friend who was the most beautiful girl I knew in school and over the years every time I see her, she’s morphing into someone different."

"Someone might look beautiful when they’re younger, but if over the years they’re not a very nice person, that comes out on their face," she elaborated. "I guess that’s not a nice thing to say, they’re still beautiful girls, but what’s inside comes out on your face. So you better check what’s inside."

Maude chimed in during the same interview, saying, "I feel like all of my good qualities [come from her]."

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