• John Travolta is a famous actor
  • He has five siblings
  • Learn more about his brother Joey below

John Travolta remains one of the most popular stars around today.

But did you know he actually grew up with five siblings, all of whom were also actors? He has two brothers, and today we're going to introduce you to Joey Travolta, the older brother with an unmistakable resemblance to John.

John Travolta's siblings: Brother Joey Travolta

Of the six Travolta siblings, John is of course the best known for his roles in many iconic films, including titles like Grease and Saturday Night Fever.

His older brother Joey never quite landed a role on that level, but he's been a successful actor and singer in his own right since the 1970s. He was born in 1950 and is four years older than John. Here's what he looks like today.

Meet John Travolta's Brother Joey Travolta

Now that John Travolta has embraced his hair loss, he and his brother Joey are looking pretty similar once again — though Joey with perhaps a slightly broader nose and brow than his brother. 

Back in the day they also rocked a similar longer hairstyle and looked unmistakably Travolta. That is Joey below, not John, though he could easily be mistaken for "Tony" in Saturday Night Fever

Meet John Travolta's Brother Joey Travolta

Some of Joey Travolta's better-known work includes SunnysideBeverly Hills Cop III and guest roles on Simon & Simon and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Joey Travolta today

These days, Joey is also involved in important work as a disability advocate. He's been a special education teacher and in 2007 founded Inclusion Films, which teaches filmmaking to people with developmental disabilities.

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With his company, Joey recently directed the 2019 film Carol for the Bells, a collaborative project that included Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte in the lead role.

It would appear all six Travolta siblings are still living today, though it's a little rare to see them in the news outside of John. He's been busy this year picking up an Emmy nomination and revisiting his dance with Princess Diana in interviews.