At age 52, Melora Hardin has created a euphoric career for herself and her fans. Growing up in San Francisco, Hardin was the daughter of actor Jerry Hardin and acting coach Diane Hardin. It's no wonder how she formed a love with her career! By the young age of 10, she already had her first role in NBC's Thunder.

Melora began her career at such a young age!

Between the late '70s and early '90s, Hardin had smaller roles in television series, such as Little House on the Prairie, as well as title roles in films, like Lambada (1990).

The 2000's

Before her success in The Office, you may remember Hardin as "Trudy Monk" in the comedic series, Monk from 2004-2009, starring alongside Tony Shalhoub. On top of that, she also appeared in some of our favorite shows: Gilmore Girls and CSI Miami. Then in 2005, Hardin got the role to play the professional, but erratic "Jan" on The Office, as well as Michael Scott's love interest.

The infamous "Jan Levinson"

Hardin and Steve Carrell are still friends!

After The Office, Hardin starred in the Amazon series, Transparent, which received much acclaim. Her powerful role led to an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series in 2016.

Melora now focuses her career on the series, The Bold Type, where she plays editor-in-chief of a major magazine. The inspiring show is centered on female empowerment, self-discovery, and women in the workplace. With the 3rd season released this year in April, season 4 is already in production! We are looking forward to it!

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