Can you envision Michael Jackson as "Spider-Man"...?

This story has existed as a bit of trivia that's popped up over the years. Now, it's once again making headlines after Jackson's nephew, Taj, confirmed it on the YouTube show Popcorned Planet

Marvel had encountered financial difficulties in the 1990s, at which time they were selling the rights to certain characters and franchises. One very interested buyer was none other than Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel and "Spider-Man"

Taj Jackson joined Popcorned Planet to talk his uncle's relationship with movies. During the interview, he acknowledged that the singer was a huge fan of the Marvel Comics Universe, but especially "Spider-Man." So much so, in fact, that he reached out to Marvel and Stan Lee himself with intentions to buy "Spider-Man." After he couldn't make that happen, he then tried to buy the entire Marvel company.

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"It was [all of] Marvel. I remember that. I remember being with my brothers and him talking about purchasing Marvel," Jackson's nephew said.

"He wanted to do that with Stan Lee. They had been talking and discussing that. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, I think they were shut down from doing that. I don't know the reasons why but they were adamantly in the process of doing that."

"He probably wanted to be 'Spider-Man'," Taj added.

Not too long after, Tobey Maguire starred as the web-slinger in the first trilogy of live-action film adaptations in the early 2000s.

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Stan Lee on Michael Jackson's "Spider-Man" aspirations

Stan Lee has previously confirmed this story on several occasions as well. 

"He wanted to be 'Spider-Man', to buy the rights to 'Spider-Man'. I think he wanted to play the part of 'Peter Parker'. He never said that, but I gathered that," Lee explained in a 2009 interview with the Associated Press.

The acquisition didn't happen, but the story certainly makes for interesting speculation on what could have been.

Of the Marvel Cinematic Universe of the 2010s, Taj added that Michael "would love it, honestly, he would be so excited about it." Jackson died in 2009, shortly after the first MCU film, Iron Man, came out in 2008.

You can watch Taj Jackson's full interview below.