• 'The Blind Side' was inspired on Michael Oher's story
  • The NFL star alleges he was never really adopted
  • THIS is what his legal team has said

NBC reports that former NFL star Michael Oher says he believed that he had been adopted by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy as a teenager. Oher, whose life inspired the Oscar-winning film 'The Blind Side,' was homeless when he first met the Tuohys. Some twenty years later, the NFL superstar has accused the couple of misleading him into signing away his legal rights and forcing him into a conservatorship. This is all reminiscent of the recent Britney Spears scandal!

Was Michael tricked?

Where does this come from? This was Michael's legal argument: according to Oher, the Tuohys tricked him under the guise that his cooperation would legally make him a member of their family. That's a serious accusation.

Also interesting:

As NBC reports, a conservatorship is a legal arrangement that places a third party in charge of a person's ability to make decisions for themselves. On August 14, Oher filed a petition to end the conservatorship after learning that the legal agreement did not make him a legal member of the Tuohy family...

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