• Mike Tyson is back in action
  • His fight with Jake Paul has been rescheduled
  • November 15 is the new date

The event will also host a championship bout between welterweight champ Katy Taylor and challenger Amanda Serrano in a highly-anticipated rematch. Originally, the bout between 57-year-old Tyson and the much younger Paul was scheduled to take place on July 20. That date was postponed after Tyson had a medical issue regarding a flare-up of an ulcer problem and was advised to delay the fight.

The fight of the year

In May, Tyson had a medical emergency on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles and needed medical treatment. "Our team has worked diligently with all parties involved to reschedule this monumental fight to a date that ensures both Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are fully prepared," Nakisa Bidarian, MVP co-founder told the 'The Independent'.

Also interesting:

"Paul v Tyson is the most cross generational sporting event in history, and we are committed to providing fans worldwide with this unforgettable night of boxing, live globally on Netflix..."

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