• Anne Hathaway has struggled with alcohol
  • She is now five years sober
  • THIS has been her journey

Anne Hathaway has always had the knack for keeping her fans on their toes, and her latest revelations are no exception! From her journey to sobriety to the tantalizing hint of a "Princess Diaries 3," Hathaway is proving that life in the spotlight only gets brighter with age.

A Sobering Reflection

First hitting the headlines with her decision to quit drinking back in 2018, Hathaway's commitment to a sober lifestyle has now crossed the five-year mark.

In a candid chat with 'The New York Times,' the star shared, "I am over five years sober. That feels like a milestone to me." Hathaway, a mother and an Oscar-winning actress, initially chose sobriety to ensure she could be "fully available and present" for her young son.

Now, reflecting on her forties, she views her journey as a significant milestone, emphasizing the importance of living in the moment and appreciating life's unpredictability.

Her story is certainly an inspiration for those who are hoping to quit too. 

"If you’re allergic to something or have an anaphylactic reaction to something, you don’t argue with it. So I stopped arguing with it," the 'Interstellar' star said, clarifying that she doesn't judge anyone who chooses to drink.

"My personal experience with it is that everything is better. For me, it was wallowing fuel. And I don’t like to wallow," she explained. "The thing that I have faith in is that everybody else is going to have one or two drinks, and by the time everybody gets to two drinks, you’ll feel like you’ve had two drinks—but without the hangover."

The future

In a revelation that's set the internet abuzz, Hathaway dropped a royal bombshell - 'Princess Diaries 3' might just be on the cards! Despite previously stating that a third installment was off the table, her simple affirmation, "Yep," to 'The New York Times' has fans of the franchise dreaming of Genovia once more.

Could we be seeing "Princess Mia Thermopolis" gracing our screens again? Only time will tell, but the mere possibility has already sparked excitement among loyal followers.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Hathaway is also gearing up for the release of her new movie, 'The Idea of You,' set to premiere on Prime Video on May 2.

In this romantic drama, she portrays Solène, a divorced mom who finds herself in a whirlwind romance with a much younger, famous man.

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Directed by Michael Showalter and based on Robinne Lee’s romance novel, the film promises to be a heartfelt exploration of love and life's unexpected turns.

Let's wait and see what other milestones Anne will hit soon!