• Miley Cyrus took digs at her ex with Flowers
  • New songs apparently refer to Liam again
  • She accuses him of lack of responsibility

With Flowers Miley Cyrus (30) has not only created a musical masterpiece. The social media world was also delighted with the singer's lyrics and accompanying music video.

The song was taking shots against Miley's ex Liam Hemsworth (33). Now other songs from her new album Endless Summer Vacation are supposed to reveal spicy details, including Muddy Feet featuring the singer Sia (47).

Miley Cyrus continues to sing about Liam's wrongdoing

"You smell like a perfume I didn't buy. Now I know why you drew the curtains", Miley Cyrus sings in Muddy Feet.

The song Jaded aded is about missed opportunities and the responsibility for marital failure that Liam doesn't seem to have taken:

"You're not even ready to see your part, you just jump in the car and drive down to the bar until you're blurry. You don't know when to stop, so you're going too far. I do not know where you are. I'm left in the dark and worried."

Also interesting:

The singer incorporates another subliminal detail into her music video for the song Rivers. There she dances with 14 men. This number apparently refers to the number of women Liam Hemsworth allegedly cheated on Miley with.

Check out the video for a breakdown of the lyrics and video!