While no one has ever doubted if Miley Cyrus has the chops to sing some great songs, it's always been up for debate whether her pop tracks are as good as her country covers. But now, it seems that Cyrus is leaving both of those genres behind and serving up some rock'n'roll!

In her latest social media posts, the singer is revealing the tracklist for her new album that is set to come out this November, and fans everywhere are highly anticipating this new take!

Miley Cyrus changes her sound

Miley Cyrus performs onstage during the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

While we knew a new album was in the works, Cyrus revealed this Friday the tracklist for her album Plastic Hearts, and it includes some rock'n'roll icons!

Rolling out new music on November 27, Cyrus listed off her 12 tracks, which include songs that feature the notorious Billy Idol, as well as Joan Jett. 

It was back just two weeks ago that Cyrus went on to explain her change in sound and appearance, writing on Instagram a lengthy post where she said it all!

"I began this album over 2 years ago," she said in her post. "Thought I had it all figured out. Not just the record with its songs and sounds but my whole f---g life. No one checks an ego like life itself. Just when I thought the body of work was finished… it was ALL erased. Including most of the musics relevance."

Referencing losing everything in the 2018 Malibu fires, Cyrus added, "Nature did what I now see as a favour and destroyed what I couldn’t let go of for myself. I lost my house in a fire but found myself in its ashes."

Earlier this fall, Cyrus appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast, sharing that the smoke from the fires changed her voice forever, but added that she wasn't upset by it. 

"I’m very different, and honestly, my voice changed a lot after the fire," she said to Rogan at the time. "I could sing better after the fire. It was almost like it unleashed something."

Plastic Hearts will be available on all major streaming sites on November 27, 2020. 

Miley Cyrus

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