• Minnie Driver starred alongside Matt Damon in 'Good Will Hunting'
  • The two stars dated but then broke up
  • THIS is Minnie's advice to her younger self

Dive into the emotional journey of the 'Good Will Hunting' star as she revisits the Oscars moment that captured her post-breakup pain and how she emerged stronger, ready to love again.

Matt and Minnie were a dream couple

Hollywood's darling Minnie Driver recently graced 'The Jennifer Hudson Show' with her presence, and oh boy, did she have some tea to spill! Reflecting on her heartache at 25, after her split from hunky Matt Damon, Minnie had some sage advice for her younger self.

"Honey, it's cool," she said, "life's gonna be great and beautiful and hard and amazing."

The romance that set the '90s ablaze! Driver and Damon met on the set of the iconic film "Good Will Hunting" back in '97. They were the talk of the town, but alas, cupid's arrow turned brittle after a year.

Cue the violins, folks! A throwback clip of Damon and Ben Affleck snagging the best original screenplay Oscar for "Good Will Hunting" showed Driver looking less than thrilled.

Why the long face, Minnie? Well, turns out Damon had called it quits just weeks prior and brought his new gal to the Oscars. Ouch!

Also interesting:

But fear not! Minnie's tale isn't all doom and gloom. "You're going to love again, it'll be fine," she assured. Driver's ready to wrap her arms around her past self and promise a future filled with hugs, healing, and yes, more love!