• A popular figure in the NCIS world has passed away
  • Director Terrence O'Hara died of cancer on Dec. 5
  • The NCIS team has been paying tribute to their friend

Sadly, the NCIS universe must say goodbye to a long-time team member and friend.

Director Terrence O'Hara has died of cancer at age 76. The filmmaker directed many episodes of NCIS, its spin-offs, and the original series JAG.

NCIS director Terrence O'Hara has died

In a press statement, O'Hara's family confirmed his death on Dec. 5. It states: "Terrence waged a heroic battle with cancer until he couldn't, but for five years wore his struggle with unimaginable grace.

"He continued to direct, do the dishes, walk the dog, shovel snow, hang Christmas lights and have dinner with friends and never felt sorry for himself, though that would have been OK."

Of course, in addition to fans and his family, Terrence O'Hara's colleagues also mourn the director.

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On Twitter, NCIS producer Steven D. Binder writes: "Terrence O'Hara, you will be sorely missed. RIP, old friend. You were one of the greats. And nobody needs to take my word for it."

Renée Felice Smith a.k.a. "Nell" and Daniela Ruah a.k.a. "Kensi" also paid tribute on an Instagram post by O'Hara's daughter. Renée writes, "Your dad was my absolute favorite."

Daniela expresses her feelings as follows: "A mentor, friend and greater encourager. Sailor mouth and all… which was actually what I looked forward to when I knew he was directing us next. The best. Truly the best."

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