• Georgie Henley rose to fame as "Lucy" in the Narnia film series
  • She reveals that she was seriously ill a few years ago
  • This is her sad story  

Georgie Henley found her way towards stardom playing "Lucy" in the "Narnia" movies, while she was still in elementary school. Since then, she has continued to star in many films. She recently revealed that she had a moment in her life when she wasn't doing well.

Narnia's "Lucy" Georgie Henley: She was seriously ill

As Georgie wrote on Instagram, she had just turned 18 and had begun her studies when she developed necrotizing fasciitis. This consists of a serious flesh-eating infection that "almost cost her her life". But the star didn't let her illness get her down.

Georgie went on to explain: "In order to prevent the amputation of my left hand and arm I received grueling invasive surgery, and later extensive reconstructive surgery which resulted in a series of skin grafts and scars."

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Georgie Henley on her scars: She was worried about not getting hired.

The actress has chosen to hide her scars and cover up her arm in public, so as not to affect her career that heavily relies on an actor's physical aspect. "The industry I am part of often focuses on a very narrow idea of what is deemed aesthetic ‘perfection’, and I worried that my scars would prevent me from getting work," the actress explained.

Fortunately, nine years later, she managed to break free from her negative thoughts. Now she wants to show her scars freely and share her story, especially to reach out to others that may be going through something similar.  Learn what she has to say in the video.