• Nashawn Breedlove was best known from '8 Mile'
  • He died earlier this year at 46
  • THIS is the revealed cause of death

The New Jersey native, who carved a niche for himself as the fierce freestyle rapper Lotto in the 2002 hit film, succumbed to a lethal cocktail of substances, according to the latest autopsy report.

Nashawn needed help

Breedlove's demise, ruled an accidental overdose, was caused by acute intoxication from fentanyl, acetyl fentanyl, cocaine, and ethanol. That's a toxic mix that snuffed out the bright light of his talent. The grim discovery of his body in a decomposed state in his one-bedroom New Jersey apartment paints a haunting picture of his last moments.

The news source added that Breedlove's body was discovered after police broke open his front door with a crowbar after a neighbor living below him had complained of a 'brown fluid leaking through the ceiling into her unit'.

Neighbors raised the alarm after a disturbing "puddle of brown fluid" seeped through the ceiling, prompting a forced entry by an officer and landlord. The scene that unfolded was a stark contrast to the vibrant energy Breedlove brought to his roles.

Patricia Breedlove, Nashawn's mother, took to Facebook with a heart-wrenching announcement of her son's passing, a post that has since vanished into the digital ether. Her words, "It is with a heavy heart," echoed the collective grief of those who knew him as Lotto, or Ox—a testament to his indomitable spirit.

Unfortunately, his was a problem that has plagued millions of Americans and continues to ruin lives and cut them too short. 

At the time of his death, rapper Mickey Factz posted a tribute to Instagram, writing: 'RIP to one of the few emcee's to beat Eminem… Lotto from 8 Mile.

'Whose friends lovingly called him, OX. You will be missed for your tenacity and aggressiveness.'

A friend of Nashawn's added: 'My best friend and brother since 15 years old. We been thru it all Rest Easy my bro luv u and the family and my nephew OX FOREVER.' 

Another wrote: 'Thank you for posting this. Nashawn was so humble and modest he didn't even know he had true fans.

'He was so talented. Not only was he an amazing MC he sang better than Luther. He blessed me with my son @youngzaak and I swear that is Nashawn to the 10th power. 

Also interesting:

Nashawn wasn't just a one-hit wonder; he was a rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor whose talent was undeniable. His standout moment in '8 Mile,' where he went toe-to-toe with Eminem's B-Rabbit, is etched in hip-hop history.

The hip-hop community has poured out tributes.

As we reflect on Breedlove's legacy—from his '8 Mile' fame to his contribution to the soundtrack of DJ Pooh's 'The Wash'—we're reminded of the fragility of life and the enduring power of art.