• Many know Linda Hunt as "Hetty" from NCIS: L.A.
  • The actress is an Oscar winner
  • You didn't know this about Linda Hunt

Did you know that Linda Hunt isn't the real name of the actress that gives life to "Hetty" on the show? This sure can come as a surprise to many fans of the hit show NCIS: L.A. There are many other facts about the actress that you probably didn't know. Watch the video to find out more! 

Linda Hunt at an NCIS: Los Angeles premiere event in 2015

Linda Hunt: Won An Academy Award for Male Role

In 1984, NCIS: L.A. actress Linda Hunt won an Oscar. This award made her stand out from her fellow nominees because it was the Oscar for Best Male Actor. So far, Linda Hunt is the only actress who has managed to do this.  

There is no doubt that Linda Hunt has found her dream job. However, Linda wasn't initially supposed to be an actress, her father had a completely different career in mind for her. 

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