• Zendaya surprised her fans with a new look
  • She is now golden blonde 
  • This is what the star looks like now

The buzz surrounding Zendaya online is palpable. And it's all due to the fact that the singer and actress has changed up her look in a way that many starlets before her have also done. She posted a new photo to her Instagram profile with a hairstyle that has surprised and delighted many! 

Blonde Zendaya...we like it!


Fans have known Zendaya with her long dark hair. But this Hollywood star can do things differently too. Many actresses and actors in the past have dyed their hair golden blonde as well. And so, Zendaya officially joins the society celebrities who have gone blonde, and fans can't get enough! 

Also interesting:

Is there more behind the new hairstyle? Or was the 26-year-old just in the mood for a change? Maybe the look has something to do with it too their big announcement on New Year's...

Watch the video above to learn more!