• Shakira caught with a new man
  • She spent time with a famous actor
  • Is there a new romance in the making?

The breakup news surrounding Shakira (46) and her ex Gerard Piqué (36) have been taking over the headlines. Recently, some calm has returned, and the two superstars are no longer so often the subject of the gossip press.

But now the singer was caught side by side with a mega star. What's the deal?

Shakira: What's going on with Tom Cruise?

Shakira was spotted in her new home of Miami together with Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise (60). The two were photographed together at the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

They also seemed to get along very well in the stands, as some fan videos on Twitter show, and that's exactly where speculation about a possible romance is now taking place. Only time will tell if there is really any truth to it. One thing is clear: both superstars are currently single.

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