• Tan France hosts Next in Fashion
  • He is known for his stylish outfits
  • His past look is incredibly shocking

Hard to recognize! Next in Fashion host Tan France shares an incredible throwback photo that you can see in the video.

Tan France Young: He looked very different

Avid Netflix consumers may already know Tan from Queer Eye, but like his throwback post, hardly anyone has probably seen him: "Ummm #FBF to me when I was 23" he captions the picture.

Some of the fans are blown away: "OMG but I LOVE it!! So sweet" says one comment.

Also interesting:

Other fans are struggling with Tan's unusual emo haircut in his twenties: "Oh shit, that emo look", a follower comments on the post. "Why do you look like you're in @falloutboy?” writes another.

Perhaps Tan France would have needed styling tips himself back then. But one thing is for sure, aging definitely suits the Next in Fashion star.