• Nicholas Hoult is set to play "Lex Luthor"
  • The role is unusual for the heartthrob
  • He has shared a nostalgic confession

In a riveting episode of the 'Inside of You' podcast, host Michael Rosenbaum got more than he bargained for when Nicholas Hoult dropped a super-bombshell! Hoult, gearing up to play the bald mastermind in James Gunn's 'Superman,' revealed a hair-raising truth.

The Bald Transformation: It's Official, Folks!

It turns out the host was about to get complimented.  Rosenbaum's "Lex" was his first and favorite! "You were my Lex blueprint," Hoult gushed. "At 11 or 12, 'Smallville' was my jam!"

A few follicles lighter and a head full of determination, Hoult confirmed the inevitable: "Yes, I'm shaving my head." But with a twist! He's letting his kids take the wheel—or should we say clippers?

The result? A cast photo from Gunn's set showcases Hoult's shiny new dome, proving he's all in for this iconic role.

Forget the baldness; there's more to this Lex! Hoult's been pumping iron, inspired by the gritty realism of "All-Star Superman." But don't expect a shirtless showdown—Hoult hints that Lex's strength isn't just skin-deep.

Also interesting:

With the 'Superman' release set for July 11, 2025, fans are on the edge of their seats. Will 'All-Star Superman' influence the plot? Hoult's tight-lipped, but his instant rapport with Gunn hints at a film that's both fun and fresh.