• Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are a happy couple
  • They have been one of the most stable marriages in Hollywood
  • Kidman has dished on how it all happened

It's tough to find a more perfect Hollywood romance than theirs. From a romantic gesture that sealed the deal to their life now with four children, dive into the heartwarming tale of love, faith, and gardenias at dawn. Nowadays, the couple seems to be living a sort of new honeymoon phase and we are all here for it.

Nicole found her perfect mate

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's love saga sounds like it's straight out of a Hollywood script, but it's as real as it gets! Nearly 20 years down the line, and the sparks between these lovebirds haven't faded one bit.

How did they keep the flame alive? Kidman gives us the scoop, and it's more enchanting than any movie!

Imagine this: It's 5 a.m., and there's Keith Urban, the heartthrob of country music, standing outside Nicole's New York stoop with a bunch of gardenias. If that's not a grand gesture, what is?

"It was my [38th] birthday, and he stood outside with gardenias at 5 a.m. on my stoop in New York," Kidman shared with 'People' in 2019. "That is when I went, 'This is the man I hope I get to marry.'" Calling that time "pretty intense," Kidman sensed fairly quickly she'd met "the one."

"That is when I went, ‘This is the man I hope I get to marry,'" Kidman reminisces about her 38th birthday surprise.

Talk about a birthday to remember!

Their story began at an event in Los Angeles in 2005, and it didn't take long for sparks to fly. "I believed by that point he was the love of my life," Kidman confesses, proving that sometimes, when you know, you just know. Fast forward a year, and they were saying "I do," promising to navigate life's ups and downs together.

The two married a year later at a romantic wedding in Australia and have made sure to spend minimal time apart over the last 18 years. Despite very busy work schedules, Kidman and Urban prioritize family while managing thriving careers.

"I remember talking to somebody once and they were like, 'What do you do?' I'm like, 'Well, primarily I have my family, I raise my kids, and I work'," she says. 

Together, Kidman and Urban have welcomed two daughters, Sunday and Faith, into their lives, joining Kidman's two children from her previous marriage with Tom Cruise. It's a big, happy, blended family, with love as the foundation of their home.

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After nearly two decades, Kidman's love for Urban is as deep as ever. "I’m so lucky that I have Keith who’s just my love, my deep, deep love," she gushes. It's clear these two have found the secret to keeping their relationship fresh and exciting through the years.