• Nina Dobrev had a scary bike accident
  • She is recovering well at the moment
  • HERE is what happened

In a startling revelation that has fans and followers gasping, Nina Dobrev, the beloved actress known for her role in 'The Vampire Diaries,' shared a glimpse into her recent ordeal following a bike accident.

A Scary Ride to Recovery

The actress took to Instagram on Monday, May 20, to post a before-and-after snapshot of her adventure gone awry, turning her casual bike ride into a hospital stay.

Before the accident, Dobrev was the picture of leisure and style, donning a chic black cardigan and pristine white sneakers, ready to conquer the day on her bike. However, fate had a different plan.

The aftermath saw her in a hospital bed, sporting a neck brace and a knee brace, with an IV drip attached to her arm. The caption, "how it started vs how it’s going," couldn't have been more apt for the situation.

Despite the grim visuals, Dobrev reassured her fans through her Instagram Stories, saying, "I’m ok but it’s going to be a long road of recovery ahead." The specifics of the accident remain a mystery, as Dobrev chose to keep the details under wraps.

The actress's post was flooded with messages of love and support from co-stars and celebrity friends.

From Kayla Ewell's cheeky comment, "Making the hospital gown the new spring trend  love you! Handling it like a champ!" to Claire Holt's heartfelt, "Noooo so sorry! Feel better," it's clear Dobrev isn't alone on her road to recovery.

Even 'Twilight' star Ashley Greene chimed in, urging her to "heal fast."

Adding a touch of sweetness to the ordeal, Dobrev's boyfriend, Olympian Shaun White, shared a heartwarming photo of Dobrev on a private plane post-release, her leg carefully elevated.

The couple, known for their playful nature, has always been open about their relationship, with Dobrev revealing their weekly date nights in a 'People' interview.

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While Dobrev's accident has certainly put a temporary damper on her spirits, the outpouring of support from friends, fans, and her loving boyfriend is a testament to the strength and resilience she embodies.

As she embarks on her recovery journey, one thing is for sure: Nina Dobrev is not alone