"Luke Dunphy" a boy genius?

'Modern Family': Nolan Gould's Incredible IQ

Nolan Gould IQ

Nolan Gould's IQ is very impressive. While the actor played Modern Family's "Luke Dunphy", a kid who isn't exactly known as the smartest cookie in the jar, he is quite the opposite of his on-screen character. In fact, Nolan Gould is a genius! Here is everything you need to know about Modern Family Nolan Gould's IQ.

Nolan Gould's IQ is beyond impressive. Born October 28, 1998, when he was just 13 years old the young star had an IQ of 150 and had accelerated four grades in school! After taking the GED that same year, Nolan was able to begin taking college courses online!

The talented and intelligent star got his acting start even earlier, at the age of three in a number of TV commercials. Nolan's first big role, and the role that would define his career, however, would come in 2009. 

Nolan Gould IQ on Modern Family

Nolan Gould as "Luke Dunphy" Modern Family 2009

While Nolan Gould has an impressive IQ, his first big role as "Luke Dunphy" on hit sitcom Modern Family would portray him as quite the opposite of a genius. Just 10 years old when he started playing "Luke", fans would never guess that the actor was a boy genius.

"Luke Dunphy", while adorable, was known for being a bit clueless and simple-minded. While Nolan was rising to fame playing "Luke", he was also skipping grades in school and becoming a member of Mensa International, one of the most prestigious IQ societies in the world!

Nolan Gould Today

Nolan Gould attends the 2020 Method Fest Independent Film Festival

Now 22-year-old Nolan Gould is all grown up! In addition to Modern Family, you may recognize the star from films including:

  • Friends with Benefits (2011)
  • Ghoul (2012)
  • The To Do List (2014)
  • Field of Lost Shoes (2014)
  • Yes (2019)

While Modern Family may have ended this year, Nolan is only just getting started in the acting world! And if acting fails, with such a high IQ, Nolan Gould has endless options!

Make sure to test your IQ with our Modern Family quiz and see if you can top Nolan Gould's IQ! 

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