Australia has a strict "vaccinated only" policy when it comes to its visitors. Djokovic claims to have a special exemption to vaccination requirements, but the Australian government is not budging. The tennis star had been handed a medical exemption allowing him to defend his title in Melbourne because of his recent infection with the virus. However, the 20-time Grand Slam-winner was stopped by immigration officials at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport and had his visa cancelled by the authorities on the spot! The news made international headlines, with millions criticizing Djokovic and what they feel is a lack of respect for the tight rules and restrictions that are in place to combat the pandemic, which millions of Australians are following despite their public dismay.

Novak Djokovic's Friend Speaks Out

But it's not just fans and pundits who are raining down on the tennis star, but also his friends, bringing up past incidents where Djokovic was found wanting! Becoming notorious in recent years for his erratic behavior on the court, Djokovic has built a bit of a negative reputation for himself.

Novak Djokovic Slammed By Friend!

His behavior was branded "out of control" by Djokovic’s friend, fellow pro Daniela Hantuchová, who said he "should be ashamed of himself", claimed tennis pundit Catherine Whitaker in a throwback podcast after the Serb was disqualified from the US Open 2020. She gave a blunt assessment of his conduct, branding it “out of control” as she appeared on a live broadcast of the US Open.

"It feels like sometimes the anger comes out of control. I care so much about him and respect everything he is doing for our game, but I just hope there is a lesson to be learned, even if this one came at the worst possible time, where pretty much the only thing standing between him and an 18th grand slam title was himself, with all my respect to the other players," said Daniela.

His critics have been quick to use his past mistakes, like this one, to further condemn Djokovic who they see as selfish and dangerous after his decision to remain unvaccinated.

It's clear that this latest controversy is perhaps his biggest ever scandal, but it doesn't look like his resolve has been dampened to play tennis again. But it's unlikely he'll ever do so at the Australian Open again. His decision has cost him some fans, and certainly some money, but it also gained him a lot of new support from other people as well! But Djokovic is set to compete in other international tournaments throughout the year.

And so, it looks like Novak Djokovic will live to play another day!