• 'The O.C.' was an absolute hit
  • The love stories were particularly well-received by fans
  • These stars also fell in love for real

'The O.C.' delighted a large fan base for over four seasons. Between 2003 and 2007, the show told the story of the luxurious life of "Seth" (Adam Brody), "Summer" (Rachel Bilson), "Marissa" (Mischa Barton) and also the newcomer "Ryan" (Benjamin McKenzie).

'The O.C.': THEY were a couple

In 'The O.C.', "Ryan" and "Marissa" became a couple and as it turns out now, a whole 21 years later, there was more going on between Benjamin McKenzie and Mischa Barton behind the scenes. Mischa revealed the scoop in the podcast 'Call Her Daddy'. The actress revealed:

"I went into that a virgin, a kid, really feeling like I needed to grow up quickly." She continues: "Acting with people older than me was a bit like, Oh wow. They know what they’re doingAnd there’s gonna be relationships on this show and you’re gonna need to play that part, and I didn’t feel really ready for that ‘cause I was always a really late bloomer in school and I hadn’t really dated."

The relationship with Ben was her first. But there was a problem: Mischa was only 17 at the time, Ben was already 25. The producers were worried about the age difference and spoke to her parents. But just as the love affair began "right out of the gate", it was quickly over again, as Mischa went on to say.

Micha revealed, "I think that kind of set things off on the wrong foot, too, because it was like – you know people hook up on these shows and whatever, these things happen, but it was – we threw ourselves all into it very fast."

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Mischa Barton has not revealed whether there were any other secret relationships from the 'The O.C.' set. However, it was never a secret that her co-stars Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson dated for several years.