• Actor Lukas Gage has been married to Chris Appleton
  • Their separation is now imminent
  • THESE are the details of the split

The duo, who tied the knot in a glitzy Vegas ceremony, are officially splitting after a mere six months of wedded bliss—or should we say, blitz? The news broke when Appleton filed for divorce at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, citing those Hollywood-favorite "irreconcilable differences."

The couple, who set sail on the love boat just this year, have now docked at Splitsville Station, with no little ones to speak of from their brief union...forgive the pun!

A love that lasted next to nothing

In a move that's as bold as his hairdos, Appleton has nixed the notion of spousal support for either party, as per their postnuptial agreement. Talk about a clean cut! But let's rewind to the romance reel: Appleton and Gage first sparked the rumor mill after a cozy snap from Mexico hit the 'gram.

Fast-forward to a March confessional on 'The Drew Barrymore Show,' where Appleton gushed about being "very much in love." But as the saying goes, all that glitters isn't gold or in this case, lasting love. The wedding itself was a star-studded affair, with none other than Kim K playing officiant and Shania Twain serenading the lovebirds.

The pair rocked Vegas in style, donning edgy ensembles that screamed rock 'n' roll romance.

Outlets like CNN have reached out to representatives for Appleton and Gage for comment. But nothing so far. The estranged couple wed in April in Las Vegas, with Appleton’s long-time client Kim Kardashian officiating the ceremony and country star Shania Twain serenading the then-newlyweds.

It seemed like a fairytale

"We did it," Appleton captioned an Instagram post announcing their nuptials in April. Gage posted the same series of photos at the time saying, "ring finger where the rock is," nodding to the rock and roll ASL sign he displayed in the first picture. The photos they posted showcased Gage and Appleton posing with Kardashian in front of the iconic wrought iron gates of Las Vegas’s Little White Chapel, and another photo showing Kardashian officiating the ceremony.

They also shared a video of Shania on a stage in a seemingly private performance singing her hit "You’re Still The One." Gage and Appleton first publicly confirmed their romance in March, making their red carpet debut during the Vanity Fair and TikTok Young Hollywood party.

Also interesting:

Gage gushed about Appleton during an interview on the 'Today' show while promoting his role on the Netflix show, 'You,' saying, "I feel very happy, very lucky and very much in love. He's a good-looking man. Something about being in London, I got a taste of the Brits and couldn't help myself."

But alas, the honeymoon phase has ended, and now the fashion-forward former flames are going their separate ways. Luckily, the pair do not share any children together, which can majorly complicate divorce proceedings. And on top of that, they also executed a postnuptial agreement in May, according to the petition.

As we bid adieu to this couple, we can't help but wonder: who will be the next to fall in and out of love in the City of Angels?  Stay tuned, gossip gurus, for the next chapter in the ever-turning pages of celebrity love stories!