• Lex Barker's cause of death
  • Lex Barker became world famous as "Old Shatterhand"

The Karl May films were the highlight of Lex Barker's acting career. The "Winnetou" movies are an absolute cult, about which there is a lot to know. So Barker even emigrated to Italy to further his career.

Lex Barker wanted to make it in Hollywood before his death

Lex Barker was not nearly as famous in his homeland as he was in Europe and especially Germany. The reason for this is that the Karl May films did not attract much attention in the USA. After the end of the Western flicks, the actor was not offered any big roles.


Shortly before his death, he was still trying to advance his Hollywood career. To do this, he wanted to get fit, played a lot of tennis and, according to a report in 'Der Spiegel,' lost 15 kilos. However, he also drank and smoked a lot. Barker left behind three children.

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