• Olivia Munn is fighting cancer
  • It won't stop her dream of motherhood
  • THIS is what she did to reach that dream

In an eye-opening revelation to 'Vogue', Olivia Munn, the star known for her role in 'X-Men: Apocalypse,' has candidly opened up about her challenging journey of freezing her eggs while battling breast cancer. This comes shortly after the actress shared her diagnosis, stirring both concern and admiration among fans and followers.

A Race Against Time

Munn's decision to freeze her eggs wasn't made lightly. Having undergone the procedure at 33, 39, and most recently at 42, following her breast cancer diagnosis, she's been on a rollercoaster of hope and disappointment. "My 33-year-old eggs were great. My 39-year-old eggs? None of them worked," Munn disclosed.

The process, filled with uncertainty, reflects a stark reality many women face as they age.

"We just wanted a few more eggs. At my age, one in every 10 eggs are healthy, and we were hoping to make one embryo from this retrieval," she said told 'Vogue' magazine.

Despite the grim diagnosis, Munn and her partner, comedian John Mulaney, held onto hope for expanding their family. With their son Malcolm in mind, the couple faced a daunting decision. Munn's treatment, which propelled her body into menopause, threatened her fertility.

Yet, before committing to aggressive cancer treatment, Munn and Mulaney chose to try for more eggs, a decision fraught with risk but driven by love.

"A few hours later, we got the call from my doctor. He shared that we had two healthy embryos," Munn recalled. "John and I just started crying. It was just so exciting because not only did we get it in one retrieval, but it also meant that I didn't have to keep putting myself at risk. It was just amazing."

Munn later shared her cancer diagnosis with the public in March 2024, revealing that she had undergone a double mastectomy. The actress used the opportunity to encourage others to undergo cancer checks and be proactive about their health.

"We are very protective of our little life, but I knew from the day she was diagnosed that the risk assessment test her doctor had done open-and-shut saved her life," Mulaney told 'Vogue' of his partner's decision to share her cancer diagnosis with the public. "So, while we like to lead our life privately, I was completely supportive of Olivia sharing her story."

Against all odds, Munn's final egg retrieval was a success, yielding two healthy embryos. "John and I just started crying. It was just so exciting," Munn shared, highlighting a moment of joy amidst their struggle.

This victory not only offered a chance at growing their family but also allowed Munn to proceed with her cancer treatment without further delay.

In March 2024, Munn bravely shared her cancer diagnosis and subsequent double mastectomy with the world. Her openness, supported by Mulaney, aimed at encouraging others to be proactive about their health.

"The risk assessment test her doctor had done open-and-shut saved her life," Mulaney stated, underscoring the importance of early detection.

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Her story will continue to teach and inspire so many others around the world that are going through a similar time. It's what the modern world can give us now.

Olivia Munn's journey is a testament to resilience, hope, and the power of love. As she and Mulaney navigate this challenging chapter, their story serves as an inspiration to many facing similar battles.