• P. Diddy is accused again
  • Mode Crystal McKinney says he abused her
  • THIS is her claim

This lawsuit adds to the growing list of controversies surrounding the hip-hop mogul, including a recent admission of attacking singer Cassie in 2016. The allegations against Combs are part of a larger pattern of scrutiny, including a federal criminal sex-trafficking investigation.

The charges will pile up

Crystal McKinney, a then-successful model, met Combs during Men’s Fashion Week in Manhattan. Invited to his recording studio, McKinney found herself in a situation that quickly spiraled out of control.

According to McKinney, the atmosphere was thick with smoke and the air filled with the scent of marijuana mixed with something stronger. "I felt as though I was floating," McKinney stated, a feeling she later attributed to the marijuana being laced with a narcotic.

McKinney claimed after she walked away she started to feel lightheaded and lost consciousness. She shared that the next thing she remembered was waking up in a taxi and realizing she had been sexually assaulted. McKinney did not elaborate if she was referring to the alleged oral sex encounter or another sexual act while she was unconscious.

The lawsuit details a harrowing experience where Combs led McKinney to the bathroom and sexually assaulted her. The aftermath was a blur, with McKinney losing consciousness and later awakening in a taxi, the reality of her assault sinking in.

Combs' camp has remained silent, offering no comment on the allegations.

This lawsuit emerges amidst a storm of controversy for Combs. Just days before, a video surfaced of Combs attacking singer Cassie in 2016, an act he later admitted to and apologized for, describing his actions as "inexcusable."

However, apologies cannot erase history, nor the series of lawsuits and federal investigations that have begun to paint a troubling picture of the hip-hop mogul's behavior.

Also interesting:

Filed under a New York City law that allows for civil litigation for events that happened long ago, McKinney's lawsuit opens a new chapter in the legal battles facing Combs.

With the statute of limitations protecting Combs criminally, the court of public opinion is left to judge the moral implications of these allegations.