• Orlando Bloom celebrated huge success with Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Nevertheless, he eventually walked away from the franchise
  • But why exactly did he choose to leave?

Orlando's career really bloomed in the early 2000s, and it was all thanks to the incredibly successful franchise led by superstar actor Johnny Depp. The first film came in 2003, the second in 2006, and the third instalment in 2007. By the time the third film hit theatres, Orlando Bloom was an international household name.

Orlando left to pursue greener pastures!

Orlando also starred in the extremely successful The Lord of the Rings film trilogy as well, famously playing the character of "Legolas". Things were going very well for Orlando's career. However, the height of his success also meant trying other things, and it wasn't long before he changed gears. 

Also interesting:

It was only ever a trilogy for Bloom, which is why he dropped out after the third film. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was filmed without him and co-star Keira Knightley. The two actors actually wanted to devote themselves to new projects and Bloom was particularly enthusiastic about the theatre...

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