Oscar-nominated director Peter Bogdanovich passed away today in Los Angeles.

The filmmaker died of natural causes in his home on Jan. 6, his daughter told media outlets. He lived to be 82 years old.

Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich dies at age 82

The son of a Serbian painter, Bogdanovich was born in New York in 1939. He began his film career as a critic before making his own movies in the late '60s.

Bogdanovich was an Oscar- and Golden Globe-nominated director and screenwriter, best known for his breakout 1971 film The Last Picture Show and 1973's Paper Moon.

Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich has died at age 82.

Some of his other better-known titles include the 1973 comedy What's Up, Doc?, the Cher film Mask, and the 2014 comedy She's Funny That Way. He was also an occasional actor and a lifelong historian of film.

Bogdanovich's personal life was rather complicated. He was romantically involved with several of his films' stars, including Cybill Shepherd from The Last Picture Show.

Another of his partners, Dorothy Stratten, was murdered by her ex in 1980. Years after the tragic incident, Bogdanovich, then 49, married Stratten's 20-year-old sister Louise, whom he'd known since she was a child. They later divorced in 2001.

Bogdanovich's final film was the 2018 documentary The Great Buster, about silent-era star Buster Keaton.

May he rest in peace.