James May's latest adventure series, Our Man in Japan, takes viewers to the beautiful and historically rich island country of Japan. Born January 16, 1963 in England, we can think of no one better suited to present the exciting travel series than the esteemed journalist and presenter, James May. 

May would get his start writing for a number of magazines in the 1980s, among them Car Magazine and Top Gear. May is perhaps best known, however, for his time as a regular co-presenter on the TV series Top Gear, an off-shoot of the magazine, from 2003 to 2015.

In addition to his avid interest in cars, May also enjoys exploring new cultures. 

James May Our Man in Japan

James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond on Top Gear

James May's Our Man in Japan aired in January of 2020 as a six-episode travel series on Amazon Prime Video. Throughout the documentary, May takes viewers from the north of Japan to its south to show viewers the country's rich cultural history. 

The journey takes May three months and his passion to learn more about a country that has intrigued him for a number of years is very evident. Activities we see May attempt include:

  • Japanese swordsmithing
  • eating octopus and other local specialties 
  • attending a J-pop concert
  • experiencing a traditional tea ceremony
  • and trying his luck at pachinko, a popular arcade and gambling game. 
Freddie Mercury and Brian May of Queen live at a Works Tour concert at Wembley Arena. London, 09/07/1984


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James May Today

Following Our Man in Japan, James May's appetite for adventure has only continued to grow. Over the past year, the now 59-year-old May has been hard at work on the next season of his series, Man Labs (2022) and James May: Our Man in the USA (2022). 

After the success that was Our Man in Japan, we look forward to seeing what new adventures 2022 will bring for the talented and captivating James May.