• Paris Hilton has welcomed her first child
  • She and her husband used the IVF process
  • Here are her thoughts on motherhood

The news broke the internet, and fans can't get enough. Hilton is all grown up and is entering a brand new stage in her life that her biggest followers simply can't believe. Speaking with People magazine, Hilton shared how special motherhood is for her with the whole world.

Paris Hilton's new life is now beginning

"It’s always been my dream to be a mother and I’m so happy that Carter and I found each other [...] We are so excited to start our family together and our hearts are exploding with love for our baby boy", Paris Hilton told People.

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Paris Hilton Gets Married

Settling down at last!

Paris Hilton Gets Married

Her process to maternity was anything but ordinary. Hilton also spoke about her IVF journey. "We knew we wanted to start a family. And I was like, ‘This is perfect timing Usually I’m on a plane 250 days out of the year, and let’s just get all of the eggs stocked and ready'"

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